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Pulling the crux is intense - learning the ropes doesn’t have to be

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The Skillzboard helps me visualize the anchor building process and I'm more comfortable knowing that I'm prepared to take the lead.

I can breathe easy seeing climbing students clean anchors, after watching them practice the process a couple times on a Skillzboard.

A product like this means that I wouldn't spend days of my first big wall climbing trip practicing hauling and coordinating with my partner. We can work out our system in my backyard!

Versatile Mounting Capabilities

If you own or rent a door, you can practice your technical climbing skills. Using our door blocker, simply drape the straps over the door, close the door, pull the slack out, and you're ready to go! 

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Sling a tree or vertical pole anywhere from your backyard to the crag and get practicing! Just wrap the TREE HUGGER strap around the pole of your choosing, tighten the strap, and clip the carabiners on the board to the daisy loops!

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You can also use your doorway pull-up bar to easily mount the Skillzboard™ using the mounting strap or a pair of carabiners or quickdraws.


Designed and Built in America’s Dairyland.

Our first prototypes were cut and drilled by hand in the basement of the University of Wisconsin - Platteville for the 2019 Prototype Hackathon. Since then, we’ve teamed up with a local manufacturer to build you a high quality Skillzboard™ package. We’re still just five climber/engineers with a mission to make climbing safer and more fun for you, and to help smooth the gym to crag transition for the rapidly growing numbers of new climbers today.

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