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The Door Chocking,
Pinch Blocking,
Strength Training

Prove That You've Got BRAINS and BRAWN

Don't let good looks fool you, this sidekick has your back on every step of your training journey. Use the SKILLZBOARD hardware and quick-attach straps to mount over any door and practice anchors from the comfort of the home, or the convenience of your car. 



This multipurpose accessory helps you hang your SKILLZBOARD from any door, and doubles as a hangboard and pinchblock when you're ready to trade the classroom for the gym. When you're done hitting the books, the CHOCKBOARD easily converts to the strength training tool with surprising versatility. 

      • Pinch:  A little cordalette and some weights, and you've got three pinches designed to train open and closed grips, either one or two handed.
        Looking for a challenge? Screw the CHOCKBOARD vertically onto the SKILLZBOARD's bolt holes, and try out offset hangs from the pinch rail. 
      • Crimp: Two edge depths, two easy ways to get fingerboarding fast! Mount the CHOCKBOARD to the SKILLZBOARD to work out wherever you have it set up. 

Configurable: Multiple bolt locations make it easy to combine and design any workout you want. 

      • Climbing Holds 
      • Pulley Systems
      • Campus rungs

Train Like a Pro: Stream YouTube workouts, Crimpd plans, or whatever gets you inspired to send your next proj.




      Dimensions: 5"H x 15.5"L