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 Skillzboard is a portable, modular plywood device that allows you to teach and/or practice a number of roped-climbing techniques, from anchor building and cleaning, to rappel methods, rescue techniques and big-wall tricks like hauling and aiding. You can set it up outside, using a tree/post, or inside your house, off a pull-up bar or a door, and it's been tested to safely hold bodyweight of two heavy people bouncing on it. And you can clip your phone to it and watch an instructional video while you practice.



      • Versatile: Can be vertically or horizontally mounted from trees, doorways, pull-up bars, cars, vans, and more… We’ve built the Skillzboard to be as versatile as possible, so find the option that works best for you!
      • Portable: Slim design fits in your crag bag (even when it’s jam-packed)
      • Durable: Weight bearing and shockproof- hang and bounce to test your anchor systems just like on real rock.
      • Configurable: Multiple bolt locations make it easy to simulate almost any anchor setup. 
      • Train Like a Pro: Stream YouTube demonstrations or get a virtual lesson from a professional and follow along, step by step, on your Skillzboard. 





Board Components: 
  • ¾” Baltic Birch constructions
  • 3- 25kN ClimbTech hangars 
  • 3-  ⅜” Black Oxide Bolts
  • 3- Zinc Plated Steel Washers
  • Padded backing to protect trees, windows, and walls

Dimensions: 5.5"H x 15.5"L